Purina Supercoat brand
Supercoat brand

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SUPERCOAT is a premium range of cat and dog food, specifically designed to promote optimal health and wellbeing of your pet naturally, to keep them happy and in peak condition. With no artificial colours or flavours, SUPERCOAT delivers a balanced and nutritious diet to meet the different needs of your pet in every stage in their life.

Developed by our expert nutritionists the SUPERCOAT formulas are made with the precise combination of nutrients to promote your pets’ whole body health.

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About the Supercoat product range

About Supercoat range

It takes a precise combination of nutrients to keep your dog in top condition. Which is why the experts at Purina have developed SMARTBLEND® . Inspired by nature and blended with scientific precision, SMARTBLEND ® is specifically designed to promote your dogs whole body health.

SMARTBLEND is a tailored blend of nutrients to help maximize your dog’s unique whole body health. These formulas precisely combine quality protein with natural ingredients to deliver the precise nutrition your dog needs.

Dogs naturally choose nutrient-dense foods, so the experts at Purina were inspired by nature to select a precise combination of nutrients to keep your dog in top condition. SUPERCOAT® TRUE ORIGIN® contains real Australian meat, along with other high-quality ingredients to provide the protein and energy active adult dogs need. Nature plus science helps provide 100% complete and balanced nutrition to support whole body health.

High quality dog food with wholesome, natural and well balanced ingredients. Find out more about the Supercoat range here