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At Royal Canin, we live by the conviction that cats and dogs are not like humans. We respect them for the complex and wonderful creatures they are. They are unique, with unique nutritional needs that are distinctly different from our own.

Observing them, learning from them, respecting them and recognising their differences is quite literally our life’s work. Through this work, we have identified their specific needs and created a complete line of super premium health nutrition specifically formulated for cats and dogs – large or small, young or old, specific breeds or mixed breed. Because we know that only by feeding the best quality nutrition can we truly help cats and dogs stay as healthy and beautiful as possible.

The Royal Canin range

Royal Canin approach to Nutrition

Royal Canin approach to Nutrition

Making a balanced food is like putting together a complex jigsaw puzzle, each piece containing a nutrient indispensable to the cat or dog.

Optimal balance is obtained by all the ingredients being formulated in just the right proportions and complementing one another to contribute to a diet that is precisely right for the needs of your cat or dog.

The Royal Canin nutritional approach means combining in one formula, a complex jigsaw of just the right amount of nutrients needed to satisfy the four nutritional objectives and meet the real needs, precisely and specifically, of each cat and dog.

Every nutrient in every Royal Canin diet has been meticulously tested – and precisely combined in proportions to meet the needs of each dog or cat.

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The four objectives of Health Nutrition:

1. Body development and maintenance
Amino acids, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and fatty acids provide the basic nutritional needs for the development and maintenance of the body.

2. Energy provision
Lipids and carbohydrates are the main energy sources for dogs. Cats are also dependent on proteins for their energy metabolism.

3. Nourishing and prevention
Some nutrients are incorporated (antioxidants, prebiotics, fibre, essential fatty acids, etc), to help assist such risks as kidney disease, digestive problems and the effects of ageing.

4. Nourishing and caring
Certain nutrients are added and others limited in diets to support the therapeutic or convalescence process, which may help cats and dogs recover from various ailments.