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What are the Most Popular Dog Breeds in Australia?

What are the Most Popular Dog Breeds in Australia?

Cute and cuddly, sleek or boisterous…Australians love their pet pooches!

Research from Pet Insurance Australia shows that pet ownership has surged over the past year. The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many households to share lockdown with a new furry friend.

Let's take a look at the top 20 popular dog breeds for 2020.

1. Cavoodles

A loving nature and beautiful looks have earned Cavoodles the title of Australia’s top dog. These intelligent designer dogs are a cross between a miniature poodle and Cavalier King Charles spaniel. The low-shedding breed appeals to pet lovers with allergies. These bundles of energy are a great fit for families who enjoy being outdoors. Cavoodles happily socialise with children and other dogs.

2. Maltese crosses

Malteses can be crossed with poodles, pugs, Pomeranians, terriers and Cavalier King Charles spaniels. First time dog owners, the elderly and families with children appreciate these friendly housemates. Eager to please and easily trained, they are ideal indoor pets that adapt well to small living spaces.

3. Labradors

These canines are prized by those who train dogs for retrieving, obedience, tracking and agility trials. Labradors are firm family favourites, and are very patient with children. Owners value their loyalty, devotion, companionship – and a faithful jogging partner!

4. Staffordshire bull terriers

Responsible breeding has created friendly, loyal and good natured companions. Staffies are suitable for many households and have a gentle way with children. These active dogs can be unruly when bored though, so obedience training is essential.

5. Golden retrievers

Golden retrievers love to be with humans and other dogs. They are popular with active families who are keen to share adventures with their four-legged friends. A gentle, loyal nature makes them good companions for the elderly or people with disabilities. Other owners value their heritage as hunting dogs; this intelligent breed performs well when trained for agility, obedience and field trials.

6. Border collies

These energetic working dogs thrive when they have plenty of exercise and a job to perform. Singles and families wanting an energetic pooch to keep them active appreciate this breed, which mixes well with children and other pets.

7. German shepherds

German Shepherds are favoured by families who respect their loyal and protective nature. But they can be overprotective and territorial, so must be socialised if mixing with children and animals. These high energy, high stamina dogs need lots of exercise, so suit owners who like to keep their body and mind moving.

8. French bulldogs

Over the past decade, Frenchies have gained popularity as affectionate and fun-loving companions with vibrant personalities. The French Bulldog Club of NSW describes them as irresistible, comical and playful. Frenchies suit families with older children. These dogs are considered well behaved and content.

9. Kelpie crosses

Iconic Australian Kelpies are prized as hard-working dogs that are intelligent, energetic and obedient. Kelpie crosses are common and they are valued as loyal family dogs. But can be wary of new people and animals, so must be socialised early. These dogs suit active families who enjoy the outdoors.

10. Labradoodles

A cross between a labrador and a poodle, this breed sheds little hair and appeals to people with allergies. These active, intelligent dogs have cheerful temperaments and sociable natures. They are good companions for families and the elderly, and are playful with children and other pets.

11. Cavalier King Charles spaniels

Purebred spaniels are the perfect lap dog – they love to cuddle. Their affectionate and devoted nature makes them welcome companions for families with children, and those who are elderly, less active or seek company. They are playful and lively, preferring to be with people rather than spend time outside or in a kennel.

12. Spoodles

These playful and energetic dogs are a cross between cocker spaniels and poodles. Spoodles are valued for their warm and loving nature. They enjoy being with adults and children, and are best suited to owners willing to shower them with attention.

13. Jack Russell terrier crosses

Jack Russells are crossed with a wide range of other dog breeds, including Australian terriers, border collies, bull terriers, bulldogs, Chihuahuas, cocker spaniels, dachshunds, golden retrievers, poodles, pugs and Shih Tzus. Each combination presents offspring that are quite different in size, appearance and temperament.

14. Miniature dachshunds

These small, cheeky canines may be cute, but they can be stubborn! Sausage dogs make loyal pets for families with older children. They prefer human company and should be socialised early to accept other pets. With adequate exercise, dachshunds are ideal indoor pets and suit apartment living.

15. Staffordshire bull terrier crosses

Staffordshire bull terriers are often crossed with a range of other dog breeds, including American bulldogs, border collies, boxers, Chihuahuas, pit bull terriers, pugs and rottweilers.

16. Border collie crosses

Border collies tend to be crossed with other working dog breeds such as Australian Shepherds, German shepherds, labradors and golden retrievers. these mixes appeal to people with active, outdoor lifestyles. These intelligent dogs are best with experienced pet owners who can provide adequate training, physical and mental stimulation. In return, they are loyal and friendly companions.

17. American Staffordshire bull terriers

Originally bred as a fighting dog, this muscular breed can look intimidating. Yet owners describe them as gentle, playful pooches that respond well to children and are great family pets. They thrive with active owners who can match their energetic and boisterous natures, and provide consistent training.

18. Goldendoodles/groodles

These dogs are a crossbreed of poodles and golden retrievers, created as companion animals. People with allergies choose them because they rarely shed hair. Both parent breeds have hunting heritages, which creates energetic, intelligent and independent dogs that are easily trained. Owners adore these pets for their loyalty, tolerance and desire to be with people. Families with children of all ages enjoy their active and playful personality.

19. Jack Russell terriers

While cross breeds are very popular, people love the purebred Jack Russells too. Intelligent and bold, they tend not to back down from challenges. Their hunting instinct can make them tricky to train, so they are best suited to experienced pet owners. Terriers make good family pets, particularly in households with older children. They enjoy lots of exercise and social activity, and can be quite mischievous.

  1. Pugs

Bred as companion dogs, pugs are ideal family pets that respond well to children. These laid-back pooches are affectionate with their humans. Pugs can be strong-willed but are rarely aggressive. This quieter breed has a muffled bark and is suited to living in units or close quarters.

So there you have it - the most popular dog breeds in Australia for 2020 are a very interesting mix of purebreds, designer dogs and crosses!


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