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Pet Pride & Caring For Your Pet At Petmarket

Pet Pride & Caring For Your Pet At Petmarket

There really aren't many things better in life than the warm and fuzzy feelings our pets give us. Considering the existence of a whole field dedicated to the study of human-animal relationships, (Anthrozoology) there's no denying just how widespread these friendships are. While our furry friends might have been domesticated thousands of years ago, never before have they ever been so part of our families. With this spirit in mind, we've delved deep into our product range to carefully curate a selection of products perfect for pampering and indulging your pets in all the love they deserve.


A cat's coat is a great indicator of their overall health and wellbeing. Shiny and smooth coats are ideal for cats, rather than being coarse and brittle. While cats themselves will do everything in their powers to keep their coats in top shape, at the end of the day it is their owners who can provide their feline friends with the necessary supplements, grooming tools, and waterless spray shampoos.

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While the signs of a healthy coat for dogs are more or less very similar, they are not ruthless groomers like their sometimes feline friends. Requiring a little more hands-on maintenance from their human companions, with just a little care, your canine buddy will be shiny and smooth in no time thanks to the extensive range of supplements, shampoos, brushes and other grooming tools.

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Not only did the Egyptians both worship and domesticate cats, they were also said to be the pioneers where dog fashion is concerned. We've come a long way though from decorative Egyptian collars. Nowadays, dog fashion goes all the way from bandanas through to even ski jackets. No longer is fashion for our pets exclusively limited to the fashion-obsessed cities of Europe, it's here in Australia and ready for your canine buddies! From Hawaiian shirts to onesies and costumes, discover the fun and eclectic range of dog fashion at Petmarket today.

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We all love our furry friends, however they don't always make it obvious when something is wrong. That's why it's of imperative importance to stay on top of things and ensure you know when something is not how it should be. Whether it be for cats, dogs, horses or birds birds, there's a plethora of flea & worm treatments, vitamins & supplements, dental care and treatments for stress & anxiety to be found at Petmarket.

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