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Great Christmas Gifts for Pet Lovers

Great Christmas Gifts for Pet Lovers

Christmas is coming, and it’s time to think about gifts for pet lovers again. After a tumultuous year of lockdown and COVID-19 restrictions - all of us, pets included - are looking forward to some light relief!

So hop online and start checking out the huge array of pet presents available. There's something to suit every taste and budget.

Gifts for dog parents

If you’re looking for the best dog gifts, there’s plenty on offer. It’s a good idea to work out your choice based on the size, breed and personality of the dog – and the needs of the owner!

For instance, if the owner is on a tight budget, something to help them look after their dog might be much appreciated. Thoughtful gifts for dog parents include luxurious dog beds or stylish food and water bowls. Perhaps a smart new collar and lead, or something practical like flea treatments or top-notch pet food. Okay, it’s not glamorous, but dog owners love eco-friendly innovations like biodegradable poo bags!

You can also indulge their furry friend with unique dog gifts. This is where you can really go to town. A special thundershirt can comfort them during storms. Maybe a swish coat would help keep them warm as the cold weather approaches. Does the dog love zoomies in the garden or tug-of-war with rope toys? Does it delight in all things squeaky and chewy? Is the dog a foodie and a big fan of yummy-healthy treats?

Pet presents for cats

There are plenty of interesting feline gifts for pet lovers too. Again, it’s a good idea to separate your gifts into the practical and the indulgent – though you’ll find that quite a few are actually both!

Cats are notoriously fussy, as any cat owner will tell you. So, the way to a cat’s heart – and their owner’s peace of mind – lies in items which make their life more comfortable and more fun.

There’s now a great way to combine cattie comfort, fun and practicality in one place. Have you checked out the latest range of scratching towers? They combine bed, hidey holes, climbing platforms and scratching post in one fascinating creation. With so many awesome combinations to choose from, owners know their kitty will be kept warm and entertained during working hours. It will also save the furniture!

Help out a cat owner with one of the top-grade foods, the latest litter options, cheeky bowls, smart feeders, cute collars or grooming accessories. Why not try a cat toy as a great little stocking filler? You’ll find that children enjoy them as much as cats do!

Budget-friendly gifts for horses

Gifts for pet lovers also include those for less common – and definitely larger – animals. If you’re buying for a horse owner, you’ll therefore need to think outside the square.

While horses tend to have expensive needs, it’s easy to gear your present to your available budget. You’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of affordable options for horse lover gifts this Christmas.

If you’re looking at saddlery gifts, you can buy a lead rope, lunging line or fleecy halter set all for less than $20. Grooming items make terrific stocking fillers, with horse brushes, curry combs, shampoos and conditioners also giving you change from $20.

Horse treats start at $6.95, with plenty of equine health products and food supplements to choose from in the $20-$40 range.

So, your horse gifts don’t have to cost an arm, a leg or a hoof. In fact, a selection of quality hoof care products begins at $6.95, so don’t miss out!

Presents for birds

Some of the more unusual gifts for pet lovers are those for bird owners. There are a few different kinds of presents available, depending on the type of bird.

If you are wanting to start someone off as a bird owner, check out the range of bird cages on offer. The type you buy will depend on the breed of bird, with budgies, canaries, parrots and cockatiels among the most popular Australian bird pets.

Options include various sizes with multi-levels, side access doors and even lockable castor wheels for mobility. Extra perches can be bought and added separately.

Birds enjoy their treats as much as any other pet. Foodie stocking filler presents for bird owners include cage ‘lollipops’, a budgie apple and carrot bar, all-natural food blends and breed-specific grains.

What better way to celebrate the festive season than gifting a multi-coloured, all-fun bird toy? Rings, bells, hoops, ropes and mirrors will all help Christmas go with a swing.

Gifts for other critters

Let’s face it, there are a heap of other fascinating Aussie pets crying out for Christmas cheer. Owners of fish, chickens, guinea pigs and rabbits can also enjoy a range of intriguing gifts for pet lovers.

If you know a fishy beginner, there’s plenty to get them off to a good start. The right food for tropical or cold-water fish varieties is essential, with filters, air pumps and water conditioners also important to maintain a healthy tank. Why not add some ornaments to brighten things up?

Make a chicken owner’s Christmas with a premium chicken coop, a positive palace for deserving chooks.

Bunny or guinea pig parents would delight in a new indoor or outdoor hutch, with carry cases available for pet transport. Try bedding, wood litter or hay from $10.99, with a guinea pig harness to keep even the friskiest pet in line. Stocking filler accessories will help owners maintain a happy hutch with temperature control and pest inspection. Oh, and even owners of stick insects can benefit from the right lighting, heating and food jars!

So, happy hunting. Make sure you shop early for your pet presents to avoid disappointment!

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